Visionary Award

Monsignor Sullivan is a co-founding member of NMIC and an integral part of numerous organizations including Catholic Charities, where he currently serves as Executive Director. Over the past four decades, his vision and tireless efforts have vastly improved the quality of life of underserved residents throughout New York City and he exemplifies the hard work of a community building trailblazer. His commitment to upper Manhattan made it possible for NMIC to become the successful multi-service organization we are today.

Innovator Award

Jeanne Mullgrav has been a vital part of our city’s youth programming for over three decades. Her leadership as Commissioner of the Department of Youth & Community Development made it possible for NMIC and other organizations to create opportunities that continue to improve the lives of thousands of young adults throughout New York City.

Advocate Award

Dan Weisz has been a crucial part of our housing development successes over the past decade. His work and continued support has made it possible for NMIC to develop 322 units as affordable housing and home ownership opportunities in the community.

Community Anchor Award

The 652-656 West 160th Street HDFC is a shining example of the power of committed tenants. Following years of neglect and mismanagement, NMIC took over as the managing agent in 2005 and has worked closely with tenants to rehabilitate the building, both physically and financially, leading to a cooperative conversion in 2012. Following initial assistance from NMIC to educate and support tenants through the transition to homeownership, the building’s shareholders and board of directors have thrived over the past five years, showing leadership and perseverance that inspires our community.