Uptown residents came together and collected over 900 ties for job seekers as they start their professional journeys.  

Over 900 ties were donated to NMIC in support of the #TieProject, the brainchild of Arlene Schulman. Arlene is a resident of the Inwood community and initiated the project to provide those in need with an essential part of the professional uniform, a tie. The simple, but powerful, idea behind the project is that when you look good, you feel good. And, as we all know, attitude and confidence can make all the difference in a job interview. Helping NMIC’s career services participants match their skills with their appearance ensures that they can put their best foot forward in the job search.  

“A tie can change someone’s life. The Tie Project is a way of connecting our community and beyond with the success of others. NMIC does such transformative work and these ties can help transform lives as much as their programs do.” – Arlene Schulman 

Business Insider recently reported that it takes just seven seconds for at least 10 judgments to be made about a person, based just on appearance. As much as we may think it shouldn’t matter, a professional appearance plays a major role in the decision-making process. First impressions leave an impact, and we want our participants not only to present themselves well when talking about their skills but also to look the part of a professional when they are exploring opportunities. Adding something as simple as a tie can achieve that goal.  

Uptown residents and small businesses alike came together with an outpouring of support for the #TieProject. Lending a hand as well as ties to uplift and inspire others. 

The original goal of the #TieProject was to raise 300 ties for 100 people with each person receiving three ties—one for the job interview, one for the callback, and one for the first day of work.  However, the Uptown community showed its support in large numbers and residents collectively donated close to 950 ties to the cause. This generosity allowed NMIC to increase our reach and help even more people in need. The success of the #TieProject is truly an example of a community coming together to uplift and inspire each other. These efforts included the wonderful volunteers Rud Morales, Elizabeth Lorris Ritter, Maria Lizardo, Diane Ninos, and Natalie Espino, who came together to collect and sort the outpouring of donations. They also included the local establishments who lent their space as drop off points—Dichter Pharmacy and Soda Shop, Inwood Gourmet, Ray’s Barbershop, and Coogan’s.  

NMIC’s latest cohort of students who spent weeks learning, training, and developing their skills will take the next step and begin their job search. A graduation ceremony took place on December 12th  to celebrate their achievements in the program.  Because of the #TieProject and all who donated, they will not only have the skills they need to compete in the job market but also the confidence to showcase them. NMIC’s Education & Career Services program supports its learners as they put their best tie forward. Click here to donate

A Huge Thank You to Our Supporters  

Coogan’s, the 34th Precinct, Dichter Pharmacy, and Soda Shoppe, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, Inwood Gourmet, the Inwood Branch of the NYPL, the Manhattan Times, New Heights Realty, Ray’s Barbershop, Congressman Adriano Espaillat, and the Office of Assemblyman Al Taylor.