Meet Dina Rivas, a volunteer in NMIC’s Domestic Violence Project who has donated hundreds of hours of her time. 

Dina moved to the U.S from Peru 20 years ago on a work visa and decided to make NYC her new home. She has since become a mother to a 19-year-old daughter who is currently in college. “I currently work as a Private Home Attendant and Cleaner for professionals such as engineers, social workers, and wealthy folks in general. I work from Monday to Saturday apart from Fridays, which I dedicate to volunteering with NMIC’S Domestic Violence Project and with a local church to give out meals to those in need.”  

Dina’s relationship to NMIC began seven years ago when she first came to NMIC to accompany a friend who sought support from the Domestic Violence Project.  

“We were greeted which such care and friendliness, which inspired me to learn more about the organization and all that they offer. With encouragement from the staff, I decided to continue coming in for the visits and sitting in for the support group meetings. I quickly adjusted my work schedule so that I’d be able to make the meetings on Fridays. With each meeting, my admiration for the knowledge and support shared has grown and inspired me to get more involved and help the women who attended the meetings.” Dina’s volunteer tasks involve lending a hand to the staff, informing newcomers about the various services available to them, and participating in events and programs.  

“What I appreciate the most is that, through this volunteer role, I now feel empowered to help others by spreading information about resources that can help them on their journeys.”  

We asked Dina to tell us about an anecdote or quote to help us promote volunteerism and she said “NMIC is impossible to describe because it means everything! NMIC is a welcoming place where anyone can come in and ask for assistance; it’s not about who would be convenient to help, instead it’s equal for anyone who comes through that door. Donations of time or resources are very well received because NMIC goes above and beyond to help those in need. From accompanying individuals to court for their cases to just advocating for people in general, NMIC always shows up, I wouldn’t think twice about recommending NMIC to a friend.” 

We are honored to have the support of committed volunteers like Dina. Email us to learn about volunteer opportunities or donate in honor of Dina for her commitment to empowering survivors of intimate partner violence.