Stockings filled with gifts for NMIC families at NMIC’s client holiday party.  

We can all count on the holiday season to be a time of giving, uplifting and spreading joy, and the 2018 holiday season for our clients was no exception. Members of NMIC’s Domestic Violence Project were abounded with beautiful handmade quilts made with love.  

The quilts were made by Empire Quiltsa 250 plus membership group who dedicate their time to “making quilts into intricate pieces of art worthy of being hung in a museum,” as described by Empire Quilts, Co. President, Barbara Lee Ebs. This unique organization was founded in 1982 and Barbara tells us it was “to preserve and promote the tradition, culture, and history of quilt-making”. This membership group is also driven by a commitment to encourage lasting appreciation for the art of quilt making along with the principle of community service.  

Empire Quilts wanted to spread joy and love to NMIC’s Domestic Violence Project which is entirely composed of women, consists of victims who’ve faced unbelievable amounts of abuse, intimidation, and oppression. Our clients are empowered to break free of those circumstances. Organizations like Empire Quilts generous donations add exponentially to the women’s experience and recovery process. Are you interested in donating a much-needed item to the Domestic Violence Project? Click here to view their wish list.