In light of recent protests, NMIC reiterates our commitment to our Black community and fighting to dismantle racism. Like you and the rest of the nation, we are in mourning and indignant about the disparity of our most fundamental rights for freedom, justice, and equity.

Our communities, and most prominently the Black community, have been historically marginalized and subjugated. This system sets limits on our potential and consistently feeds the fear of people who are uncomfortable with the idea of equality. Racism is not only hatred, it is manifested and layered under privilege.

Our society was built on the principle that everyone is equal, except when that equality infringes upon on the rights of the majority. That we are all equal, except when it means that a Black family is entitled to the same access or resources as the majority. That we are all equal except when our community asks for equitable housing, equitable education, and equitable employment.

We cannot undo the mistakes of the past; we can only seek to make today count – organize, demand the resources our communities need to thrive. Ensure you are represented in your city, state – our country, vote, protest and get counted in the Census. Being represented and heard is the right of every American regardless of their race. Our fight to meet our most basic needs cannot be achieved unless the rules are set by people who look like you and me. Together, as brave people who will not turn away from the horrors of today, we can ensure that those living in ‘the land of the free and home of the brave’ are not expendable. Together, we can forge a world where the lives of our Black community truly matter.

This pandemic has shown how inequity impacts our communities most in times like these, and the violence on the news has captured the attention of a country that cannot afford the luxury of avoiding responsibility. We must uproot inequality from pervasive societal norms. Let us use that fire and stay committed to continuing the fight against racism with our best tool. Let your voice be heard where it counts. Check to see if you are registered to vote.

Know this, we will always stand with you, with our fists in the air, ready to fight for you.

In Solidarity,
Maria Lizardo, LMSW
Executive Director