A Message from our Executive Director, Maria Lizardo.

As hard as it is to believe, 2023 is almost upon us. I don’t know about you, but I feel optimistic. I recognize the long-lasting effects of the pandemic, and I notice the way these effects have impacted low-income New Yorkers the most. However, I can’t help but hold on to a glimmer of hope.

When we stand together, I know that our future is limitless. Our future as a community is bursting with opportunities to build each other up, through empathy, through support. I would like to take a moment to ring the new year in with a question: how can we continue to support each other?  

To us, support looks like every single member has access to health services, education, and employment—where no one must deal with food and housing insecurities. I imagine a community where survivors of domestic violence are provided support through trauma-informed care without judgement and where immigrants and refugees are protected and provided support throughout their path toward citizenship. I imagine a community where all needs are met, and people do not have to pick and choose which aspects of their lives are fulfilled.  

Everyone deserves help as they find solutions to their crises, and everyone deserves self-sufficiency and prosperous futures. I believe in this big and beautiful future for our community, and as a supporter of our organization, I know you do too because together, in 2022, we have: 

Secured over $6.2 million in housing allowances for clients. 

Filed 900 tax returns with a cumulative refund amount of over $1.4 million.   

Distributed over 117,000 lbs. of food to over 4,000 recipients.   

Helped over 400 residents access $5.5 million through the Excluded Workers Fund and Emergency Rental Assistance Program.   

Worked on over 2,050 immigration cases and filed over 400 immigration applications. 

Placed over 220 students in internships, jobs, or workforce certification programs. 

Prevented over 300 eviction cases, impacting over 1,000 residents.

Served over 340 clients impacted by Domestic Violence through holistic and legal services.   

As we look ahead and welcome the new year let’s take a leap of faith and start by believing in the possibilities.  

P.S. Our offices will be closed for Winter Break from Friday, December 23, 2022, through Monday, January 2, 2023. The buildings at 45 Wadsworth and 8 Clinton Place will be closed during this time. 

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