NMIC Overview

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of the people in our community on their paths to secure and prosperous futures. Since our founding almost four decades ago, we have grown from a staff of two to a staff of over 120 dedicated professionals. NMIC staff can identify and address a broad array of immediate needs, integrating numerous crisis intervention services under one roof. With their crises resolved, clients move seamlessly to capacity building services through our holistic programs designed to support individuals and families as they develop the tools to transition from crisis to self-sufficiency.

Our Legal Services, Social Services, and Weatherization programs meet community members’ basic needs including housing, income, and health.
Our Community Organizing program empowers groups of residents to collectively secure longer term and larger scale improvements to their own basic needs.
Our Education and Career Services program imparts individual community members with the additional practical tools necessary to build secure and prosperous futures.

We serve all New York City residents with a focus on those in Northern Manhattan and the South and West Bronx.