Air Conditioning Program

If you have a health condition that is made worse by heat, we can install an air conditioner in your apartment. 

What We Do:
  • Visit the apartment to find the best place to install the air conditioner and the right size air conditioner to install.
  • Find and buy the right air conditioner and all other hardware to install it.
  • Install the air conditioner (the tenant must do any future maintenance).
Who We Do it For:

Anyone may be eligible who

  • Does NOT have a working air conditioner that is under 5 years old. A broken or older air conditioner is okay.
  • Has a medical condition that the heat makes worse.
  • Is low income (You are eligible if you already get HEAP, SNAP, or temporary cash assistance. You are also eligible if your income is lower than the amounts listed here).
  • There are more details about the rules here.
How to Sign Up:
  • Call 311 and ask for the “cooling program.” They will take your application by phone. If you are eligible, you will have the choice to use NMIC to install your air conditioner.
Contact Us:
To apply, call 311.

If you have other questions, call us at 212-822-8340 (we cannot take applications. All applications must go to 311).

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