Community Health Work Services

This initiative supports the health and well-being of community residents through culturally competent, peer-based support to promote healthcare self-management and decrease avoidable emergency care. This program is offered in partnership with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

What We Do:
  • Dedicate a community health worker to provide health education as well as develop and achieve health goals with patients.
  • Provide support to patients with multiple diagnoses and emergency room visits, adults with chronic illness(es), and children with asthma as well as other conditions, in order to reduce future issues.
  • Empower patients to manage their overall health and well-being.
Who We Do it For:
Patients with multiple diagnoses and emergency room visits, adults with chronic illnesses, and children with asthma are referred to NMIC my NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital
How to Sign Up:

Patients are referred through NewYork-Presbyterian hospital.

Contact Us:

For questions, contact us at 212-543-0260.


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Meet Anita*

Anita and her husband have five children aged from 7 months to 10 years old. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, her husband lost his job. During this unprecedented crisis, our team continued to call participants to follow up and address any new concerns they might be having. One of these calls revealed that Anita was running out of food. Our team referred her to the West Side Campaign Against Hunger food pantry, and she was able to pick up for her family.


*Name has been changed to protect our client’s confidentiality.

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