Community Organizing

NMIC’s Community Organizing efforts have brought together tenant associations and community advocates from Upper Manhattan to form an independent organization, UNIDAD COMUNAL that address broad community needs, as defined by residents.

What We Do:

UNIDAD COMUNAL is an independent entity that receives organizing support from NMIC as follows:

  • Support recruiting new tenant associations and individual members
  • Provide technical assistance managing membership and other logistics
  • Offer organizing help to define community priorities at the annual assembly and to identify and execute campaigns to achieve these priorities
  • Advocate with members to make real change in the community
Who We Do it For:

Individuals living in, or representatives of tenant associations located in Washington Heights and Inwood. There are annual dues of $10 per family and active members receive an ID card.

How to Sign Up:

Attend NMIC’s monthly tenant organizing workshop or any Union event and ask any Union leader or NMIC staff member for an application form.

Join as a member of an active dues paying tenant association.

Contact Us:

For more information, contact Diogenes Abreu at 212-822-8300 ext. 322.


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