English Conversation

Residents can continue practicing their English with this conversation program. Each class participants watch a video and discuss a different aspect of navigating life in New York City.

What We Do:

Instructors lead groups in discussions of the topics most important to them, helping students gain confidence and the English skills to seek further education, compete for better-paying jobs, and converse in typical New York City settings.

Who We Do it For:
  • New York City residents looking to improve English skills
  • Age 17 or older
How to Sign Up:

You may email ecs@nmic.org with your name and phone number or call 212-822-8314 and leave a message.

Contact Us:

For more information about our English Conversation classes, use the contact above. 

For other questions, call us at 212-822-8300 or email us at info@nmic.org.


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