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The world has been shaken by the suffering this pandemic brought. At the beginning, New York City was unfortunately at its epicenter—with our low-income immigrant communities being hardest hit.

What we are doing

Our city’s unprecedented crisis brought hardship and heartbreak in every way imaginable. The financial burden of COVID-19 on the country, but especially on New Yorkers, was, and continues to be, devastating and the 14,000+ people we serve still need your help. In response to our changing world, our team worked around the clock to adjust our essential services so we could continue to provide them virtually. Additionally, we responded to our community’s new real-time needs by amplifying essential communication around critical issues such as the eviction moratorium and expansions to unemployment insurance eligibility. We also created our own hotline to better support our community members with non-health related emergencies and opened a food pantry to ensure every community member can access critical support to meet their basic needs immediately.

How you can help

Please help us expand our capacity to reach the growing number of vulnerable people in our city. Unfortunately, the number of people who need our help is dramatically increasing every day. Your support will help us provide urgently needed additional resources to help our community access emergency financial assistance both for everyday living expenses and for new needs like burial costs, enroll in and maintain health insurance, and preserve their rights in areas like housing and immigration. Please help us serve our neighbors and our city in the face of this unprecedented need.


Thank you for your support and compassion during these difficult times.

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Ignite Change

Please consider making a donation today. Your support is needed more than ever, and every gift allows us to expand our reach and ignite change in the lives of the over 14,000 New Yorkers we serve every year.