COVID-19 Emergency Services

Distant but Together

Our offices are temporarily closed but we are still providing critical services for our community.

A close up of a pair of hands rifling through files in an open gray-green filing cabinet


If you need to apply for, renew, or make changes to your public benefits, call our Benefits hotline. 


Mondays: 9am-1pm

A volunteer in a black zip up sweater and a gray t-shirt, wearing a black mask holds food pantry bags

Food Pantry

Along with West Side Campaign Against Hunger, we host a food pantry to those facing food insecurity. 

Members of NMIC's team pose in rain gear in a crowd of protestors at an immigrants' rights march


Do you have questions about your immigration application or status? Call our Immigration hotline.


Mondays: 9am-12pm


Is your landlord harassing you, or do you have other housing issues? Call our Housing hotline. 


Manhattan: Second Wednesday of the month 9am-3pm


Bronx: Third Tuesday of the month 9am-1pm

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