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Our free Customer Service course uses curriculum developed by the National Retail Federation. Students that successfully complete the course receive a nationally recognized customer service and sales certification. With these skills, students can better compete for opportunities in entry-level through first-line supervisory retail positions.

What We Do:
  • Training in assessing and meeting customer needs, closing sales, understanding the basics of store operations, inventory control, merchandising, and other topics.

  • 60 hours of classroom training or 6 weeks of online courses followed by an exam to obtain a nationally recognized Customer Service & Sales Certification from the National Retail Federation.

Who We Do it For:

Applicants are eligible if they are in one of the following career services programs:

How to Sign Up:

See the career services programs listed in the above section.

Contact Us:

For more information, call us at 212-822-8300 or email us at


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