Employment Readiness Training

Our employment readiness training helps candidates gain the resume writing and interviewing skills necessary to enter their chosen professions.

What We Do:
  • Resume and cover letter writing workshops and individualized resume/cover letter preparation and review.

  • Interviewing lessons and practice, including opportunities to videotape practice interviews to review.

  • Job search techniques with a focus on online resources and field-specific resources.

  • Assistance obtaining professional interview clothing.

  • Training for professional skills including timeliness, conflict resolution, leadership, and others.

Who We Do it For:

Young adults ages 16-24 can enroll through

Adults ages 25+ can enroll through

How to Sign Up:

See program page above for each program’s sign-up information.

Contact Us:

For other questions, call us at 212-822-8300 or email us at info@nmic.org.


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