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One story, one client, one life we’ve changed because of you.

With Giving Tuesday and the end of the year around the corner, we know your inbox is flooded with requests to donate to worthy causes. We have 14,000 reasons we need your support: our clients. Every week leading up to Giving Tuesday, we want to share their stories. One story, one client, one life we’ve changed each week because of the generous support we receive from people like you.


As a disabled family of four living in a shelter, the Cruz family faced significant challenges ranging from housing to immigration to food insecurity. With three family members in wheelchairs, mobility access was also a concern. After multiple outreach attempts and surmounting difficulties with scheduling Access-A-Ride, we were finally able to get the Cruzes in to see us.

Once with us, we made the most of the opportunity by leveraging our full breadth of services and partnerships. These included same-day legal consultations with an immigration attorney and a housing specialist, immediate enrollment in our on-site mobile food pantry—offered with West Side Campaign Against Hunger—and a connection to specialized health insurance through another partner agency. This breadth of support, all offered by bilingual and culturally competent staff, had an immediate and profound impact on the Cruzes.

This is what makes NMIC such a critical resource to our community. Our staff can identify and address a broad array of urgent needs with our numerous crisis intervention services, all under a single roof. By providing flexible scheduling and coordinating care among multiple programs, we put this family on the path to better and more empowered lives. Partners like SOMOS, a network of doctors who refer patients to community-based organizations for wrap-around services, understand that; it’s why they referred the Cruz family to us. Today, we’re asking you to help support us in this work.

Yours in Solidarity,

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