What is So Important About the 2020 Census?

Judge Strikes Down Trump Administrations Controversial Citizenship Question on the 2020 Census. 

For months NMIC and other social service organizations have worked hard and advocated from Albany to City Hall to prevent a new proposal from the current administration that sought to include the controversial question “Is this person a citizen of the United States?” the question of citizenship is a problem because it would incur fear and deter full participation in the census. Community resources are determined based on who is being counted. The impact of the result of the census lasts for ten years.  If the residents of a community are undercounted, then the community will not have the support to grow and enhance supportive services for everyone.  

Thankfully, in January 2019, a U.S District Judge Furman ruled against the citizenship question and cited it as being unlawful “To conclude otherwise and let Secretary Ross’s decision stand would undermine the proposition — central to the rule of law — that ours is a ‘government of laws, and not of men,” 

If allowed to pass, the citizenship question could have caused widespread fear and disproportionate allocation of critical funding for services and organizations like NMIC, that work with a variety of vulnerable populations including immigrants. Here in NYC funding for schools and two congressional seats were also at risk of being lost.  

So, how does participation in the U.S Census work? In March 2020 everyone will receive a postcard with instructions on how to complete the Census either online or over the phone. Alternatively, Census workers will come door knocking at the end of April 2020. NMIC has joined the NY Counts 2020 Coalition which works to conduct outreach and educate community members, and will also participate as Census Ambassadors. We ask for everyone to become Census ambassadors, to join committees, and spread the word about the Census. As individuals, we should get our family and friends to complete the Census form and ensure our communities have the proper resources to prosper.  

To learn more about the 2020 Census visit census.govand to apply to become a Census Ambassador haz clic aquí.  

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