February 2022 – Notes from NMIC

This month we celebrate Black History Month and recognize Teen Violence Awareness and the #NiUnaMenos-NY-RD grassroots movement to end femicide. Join us in learning more about these important events and movements. 

To those who observe the holiday, happy Dominican Independence Day! 

In this newsletter, you’ll read more about:  

  • Black History Month 2022 
  • The #NiUnasMenos Movement  
  • An introduction to our Advisory Board Members  
  • NMIC’s 2022 Tax Preparation Services 
  • How to apply for a newly renovated affordable co-op apartment  

Black History Month 2022 

At NMIC, we celebrate Black History Month to honor the successes and struggles of Black Americans throughout US history, and to recognize the central role of our community members. Many choose to observe the month by exploring historic sites and museums, which are numerous throughout New York City. Within our community, for example, is The Shabazz Center in Washington Heights. The Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center is a memorial to Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz, located at 3940 Broadway and West 165th Street. The organization features archives and multimedia displays that honor these influential activists and continue their messages of social justice. Click here to learn more about The Shabazz center.  

The #NiUnasMenos Movement 

NiUnaMenos-NY-RD, a grassroots coalition comprised of community members, activists, nonprofit and business representatives, was formed in late 2018 to address the high rate of femicide in the Dominican Republic.  On February 27, 2020, NiUnaMenos-NY-RD launched with a community rally and vigil in Washington Heights and one in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and since then, has been using its platform to educate community members on the dynamics of and issues related to domestic violence, participated in community forums, marches and rallies that raise awareness on domestic violence, advocated for resources to support nonprofits serving survivors, and provided the space for victims and survivors to seek support and assistance.  

Nurys De Oleo, Co-founder of NiUnaMenos-NY-RD

“As long as domestic violence continues to ravage our communities, NiUnaMenos NY-RD will continue to be front and center standing up for victims and survivors,” Nurys De Oleo, Co-founder of NiUnaMenos-NY-RD. 

To learn more about NiUnaMenos-NY-RD or how to get involved, please contact Nurys De Oleo at nurysdeoleo@gmail.com.  

An Introduction to our Advisory Board Members 

The NMIC Advisory Board (NAB) is a group of professionals who are committed to NMIC’s mission and discuss how to support this mission through volunteer and fundraising projects. NAB plays a strategic role in developing awareness of NMIC’s programs and providing opportunities for our growth by leveraging social media, events, and individual fundraising to support overall goals. 

We would like to introduce our first cohort of Advisory Board Members: David Aviles, Pia Catton, Elizabeth Conde, Mickey Correa, Meldis Jimenez, and Chelsea Jupin. 

Click here to learn more about NAB and how to apply. 

2022 Tax Preparation Services at NMIC 

Our tax preparation services provide the community with free assistance filing their returns while ensuring that they maximize their credits and refunds.  Within the past two years, NMIC provided over 3,000 free tax preparations and accessed over $4 million in refunds for our clients. Anyone who in 2021 earned $50,000 or less without dependents or $72,000 or less with dependents qualifies.

If you are interested in using our tax preparation services, click here. For scheduling with other providers if we are full, click here. For further inquiries, please contact taxhelp@nmic.org.  

“I came here to be helped with my taxes, and left with a clear conscience that they were prepared by motivated experts,” Carol Crowley, Community Member.  

Applications are now being accepted for a newly renovated affordable cooperative apartment! 

NMIC is accepting applications for a newly renovated apartment at 618 W 187 Street in Washington Heights. This apartment is cooperatively owned and will require board approval prior to acceptance. 

Click here for a description of the apartment, amenities, and location. For paper applications, stop by our office or send a self-addressed envelope to: 618 W 187th Street HDFC c/o NMIC 45 Wadsworth Avenue, New York, NY 10033. All applications must be submitted by March 29, 2022. For further inquiries, please contact nicolasbammer@nmic.org.

“These cooperatives are the best possible way to ensure that housing in Washington Heights stays affordable. Buildings are placed in the hands of the people most committed to the community: the people that live in the building themselves,” Nicolas Bammer-Whitaker, Managing Buildings Attorney. 

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month  

Every February, young people and their loved ones come together nationwide to raise awareness about the issue of teen dating violence through Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month (TDVAM).

This year’s theme for TCVAM 2022 is “Talk About It.” Talk About It is a call to action to young people and those who support them to engage in meaningful conversation about healthy relationships and navigate what may be unhealthy or abusive. To learn more about TDVAM, click here.

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