Help Spread the News

Hi Friends,

Today, we’re reaching out to ask for your help spreading the news about our back to school campaign.  

This fall, millions of New Yorkers are getting ready for a back to school season unlike any we’ve seen before. For many in our community, this time of year has always been hard even before COVID-19.  

Our clients are bravely facing this pandemic while raising children and fighting financial difficulties, domestic violence, housing insecurity, and immigration concerns. This year, with so many amazing organizations providing back-to-school supplies, we’re hoping you’ll help us raise $5,000 to support their other needs.  

Your donation (and those from your network) enable our community members to focus on parenting instead of on the threat of eviction, where their next meal will come from, or how they’ll help their children navigate online learning when they don’t understand the language.  Copy and share this link:, and help us raise funds to meet the level of unprecedented need in our community.  

$40 purchases 12 meals.  

$75 provides a mental health screening.  

$150 helps a family access crucial public assistance like food, housing, and health care benefits. Donate

Yours in Community,

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