Housing Development

The Housing Development program helps tenants buy and repair their buildings so tenants become homeowners. We have developed 522 apartments in 24 buildings.

What We Do:
  • Help tenants get financing to buy their buildings.  
  • Hire contractors and supervise building rehabilitation (repairs) 
  • Convert rental buildings to cooperative ownership, so tenants become homeowners.  
  • Educate new owners about how to run their buildings and help them create a cooperative board of directors.  
  • Offer future help to owners to make informed ongoing decisions about their buildings.  
Who We Do it For:
  • Tenants in buildings we serve through our Tenant Organizing program.
  • Tenants in buildings the City decides should become tenant owned.  
How to Sign Up:
  • We do not sign up individuals. You must live in a building we are working with.  
  • If you are interested in tenant organizing support, please visit our Tenant Organizing page.  
Contact Us:

Call us at 212-822-8300 x360. 


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