Join us. Ignite the Flame that Creates Change.

40 years ago, NMIC was founded with the goal of assisting immigrants in Northern Manhattan who were at-risk of being evicted. 40 years later, the risk is still there.  

Residents are still at-risk of being displaced out of their communities as a result of rents increasing, wages remaining the same, and scarcity of jobs available to those with limited educational backgrounds. Rents are now only affordable to families earning roughly double the minimum wage. It is happening all around us and NMIC has been on the frontlines since 1979.  

This is the story of thousands of longtime residents in the communities NMIC serves – Inwood, Washington Heights, Harlem, and the Bronx. NMIC alone can’t stop displacements, more work needs to be done. This year marks NMIC’s 40th anniversary and in honor of this milestone, we are launching ‘The Spark Collective’a participatory philanthropical giving circle composed of an innovative group of 40 individuals investing $40 monthly to enhance life-changing programs. These monthly gifts provide us with the financial and social capital we need to create radical changes in the lives of our clients.  

NMIC’s very own Executive Director, Maria Lizardo is kicking it off and asking you to join her. “For the last 20 and a half years, I have witnessed the impact that NMIC’s work has on the lives of our community members. For me, being the executive director at NMIC is not just a job it is my life’s mission and as such, I commit to supporting NMIC’s work and celebrating our 40 years of service by pledging $40 a month. Yes, I want to be a part of the “Spark Collective” that creates change in the lives of New Yorkers.” – Maria Lizardo, Executive Director. Join Maria. Join us. Ignite radical change.

This is how it works:  

  • Give $40/monthly.  
  • One-time volunteer opportunities are available such as participating on a professional speaking panel based on your area of expertise.  
  • Invitation to agency milestone events. 
  • Get to know like-minded changemakers! Join us at an annual professional networking event with other Spark Collective members. 

Sign-up now. #NMICignitingchange 



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