Meet Eugenia. She was recently hired because of you.

Hi There,

It’s the end of the year, and everyone from the charity next door to your own family is hitting you up for money. We could tell you we have been serving our community for 40 years, that we served 14,000 people and got them over $14 million in cash benefits last year.  

But we’re not going to do that.  

Instead, we’ll let our clients’ stories speak for themselves. We hope, after reading how NMIC has changed their lives, you’ll feel inspired to support them by donating today.  

Last week, we introduced you to the Cruz family (if you missed it, you can see it here). Today, meet Eugenia Nuñez.


2019 was going to be Eugenia Nuñez’s year. The 20-year resident of Inwood had been working as a home health aide since 1995 and was ready for a change. Wanting to put her compassion and people skills to work, she completed a course at Lehman College to be a medical assistant. But her English felt like a barrier that kept her from advancing her career. Inspired by encounters with a growing number of professionals who spoke less English than she did, Eugenia decided to “go for it.”  

Eugenia first came to NMIC looking for help updating her resume. Our Education & Career Services staff enrolled her into Jobs to Build On and connected her with one of our Career Solutions Managers to assist in her job search.  

Later, Eugenia returned to NMIC with her mother, who needed assistance with an immigration issue, and saw something on the wall that would change her life.  

The flyer was for an Intro to Healthcare Opportunity event, a partnership between the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone (UMEZ) and the 1199SEIU union to connect upper Manhattan residents with union employment.  

After years of unsuccessful applications with 1199 that never resulted in a call-back, Eugenia attended NMIC’s event. There, she was referred to 1199’s Employment Center and sent to interview with two major hospitals.  

Finally, success. 

Her interview with a department head at NewYork-Presbyterian’s Lower Manhattan Hospital went better than she’d imagined possible. “Right away we had a connection, and he said, ‘I got you, Eugenia.'”  

Eugenia started a part-time housekeeping position in the hospital’s Environmental Services department in September. She plans to work her way up the ladder and become a medical assistant. 

“You guys made the whole connection.”  

We may have made the connection, but Eugenia sealed the deal. She’s currently happy at her new job and says they may offer her a permanent, full-time role soon.  

NMIC is more than the services we offer our clients; we are an institution that signifies hope, opportunity, and empowerment for our community. Together, we are capable of changing lives right now. Tell Eugenia, and others like her, that you got them.

Yours in Solidarity,

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