NMIC Advisory Board

NMIC is a community-based, not-for-profit organization that serves the low-income immigrant communities of Upper Manhattan and adjacent Bronx neighborhoods. Since 1979, NMIC’s services have formed a critical link to the overall stability of these rapidly growing and changing low-income immigrant communities. Our client-centered programs minimize evictions; maximize improvements to the housing stock; provide education and training to increase employment opportunities; support families with case management, mental health treatment, and domestic violence intervention services; and, give residents a greater voice in the decisions that affect their lives.

Join us!

Enhance your resume, fulfill your passion to serve your community, and gain hands-on volunteer experience by joining the NMIC Advisory Board (NAB). NAB is a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to NMIC’s mission to serve as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of our community members on their paths to secure and prosperous futures. Advisory Board Members will have quarterly meetings to discuss how to support this mission through a number of volunteer and fundraising projects around NMIC’s work in areas including: food insecurity; education and professional development; tax preparation and benefits access; promotion of health practices; and more. 


NAB plays a strategic role in developing awareness of NMIC’s programs and providing opportunities for NMIC’s growth by leveraging social media, events, and individual fundraising to support overall goals. Members have opportunities to create, plan and participate in service activities (volunteer days, volunteer drives, awareness campaigns, etc.); help plan and host fundraising events (happy hours, crowd-funding campaigns, etc.); and interact with NMIC staff and network with Board of Directors. 

Essential Duties & Responsibilities
  • Serve at least one 1-year term. 
  • Attend at least 75% of the four quarterly Advisory Board meetings (typically scheduled on a weekday evening). 
  • Contribute a minimum of 15 hours of volunteer service with NMIC, which can include hours volunteered by friends, family or colleagues that are facilitated by the member.
  • Develop and conduct activities that will introduce and engage new contacts (individuals, partners, corporations, etc.) to NMIC’s work.
  • Help amplify NMIC’s message by sharing our social media content.
  • Work closely with NMIC staff and Board in the planning and conducting of service and fundraising activities. 
  • Make an annual donation or personal fundraising goal. 

The ideal candidate has a passion for serving as a catalyst for positive change for residents of Upper Manhattan and the South and West Bronx. They should be service-oriented, reliable and motivated, possess strong leadership abilities, have excellent planning skills, and be willing to promote NMIC’s programs, fundraising, and volunteer opportunities. 

How to Apply

To apply to join the NMIC Advisory Board please complete this application and send your resume to NAB@nmic.org. For questions contact Rosanna Montilla-Payano, Director of Development, at rosannamontilla@nmic.org 

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