45.13. Equipment and furnishings.
(a) All equipment and furnishings used shall be readily washable or otherwise easily cleaned. Furnishings which are likely to collect excessive amounts of dust, such as heavy draperies, upholstery or carpets, shall not be used in rooms occupied by children, but such furnishings may be used for educational purposes if they are kept clean.
(b) Tables and chairs and other equipment shall be appropriate for the size and needs of the children who use them and shall be readily washable.
(c) In the indoor and outdoor play areas, sufficient play equipment shall be provided which is appropriate to the stage of development of the children and which is designed to foster physical and motor development. The equipment shall be easily accessible to the children, readily washable, clean, in good repair and free from hazards such as sharp or pointed parts, or toxic or poisonous finishes or materials.
(d) A first aid kit, completely stocked for emergency treatment of cuts and burns, shall be provided and shall be easily accessible for use. The first aid kit shall be kept out of the reach of young children.
(e) Soap and individual paper or cloth towels or sanitary driers shall be provided adjacent to wash basins and within easy reach of the children. If combs or washcloths are provided, each child shall have such articles for his exclusive use.