47.31. Maintenance and equipment.

(a) The premises, furnishings and equipment shall be kept clean and maintained in good condition. While occupied by children, rooms shall not be swept or dusted. No room used for children shall be cleaned by dry sweeping.
(b) Halls, ceilings and floors shall be finished so that they may be cleaned readily and shall be maintained in good condition.
(c) Tables and chairs and other equipment shall be appropriate for the size and the needs of the children who use them and shall be readily washable.
(d) There shall be no peeling paint.
(e) The cellar, basement, yards and courts adjoining the premise shall be free of debris and refuse.
(f) Sanitary provisions must be followed for garbage disposal.
(g) Premises must be kept free of rodents, insects and other pests and free of any condition conducive to rodent, insect and other pest life.
(h) Service by an exterminator certified by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation shall be provided. Extermination logs must be maintained for inspection.
(i) Space shall be provided and so arranged that each child's outer garments may be hung separately and within his/her reach, in a safe manner.