USING PDF (Portable Document Format) files

PDF files are documents that can be printed out with precisely the same fonts, page breaks, etc., as the original, no matter what word processing software your computer uses. In addition, they cannot be altered be the recipient.

There are two ways you can read or print PDF files:
1) Get a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available absolutely free by going to the Adobe website There's also a tutorial available Acrobat Reader Tutorial , but its hardly necessary; Adobe is pretty easy to use; or
2) access Adobe's PDF conversion tool . If you are having difficulty downloading the Acrobat Reader, Adobe offers a free HTML (simple text) conversion process. Simply go to and enter the URL (that is, the web address) to the PDF document. The PDF document will instantly be converted to an HTML document viewable through your browser--no plug-in needed. The process is quick and easy. This process is NOT recommended for forms or charts.

If you already have version 2.0 of the Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer: you may need Version 4.0 or later to read many of our documents. If you get an error when trying to bring up a PDF file, open up the Adobe Acrobat Reader program and look at the version number on the opening screen to see the version number.

If you are installing Adode and you are using Netscape 3 or earlier, you will need to modify your browser. In the navigation bar (the wording below the blue bar at top): Select Options

Remember that, if you upgrade your browser to a later version, you will need to modify the upgraded browser

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