Program: Housing Development

Program Snapshot: The Housing Development program assists tenants in purchasing and rehabilitating their buildings. Since 1991, we have developed 522 apartment units in 24 buildings.


  • Facilitate the acquisition, financing and rehabilitation of the buildings.
  • Offer training to tenants and Board members.
  • Coordinate with the building's management company, the City, lenders and other entities.
  • Provide ongoing assistance by working with Board members and attending meetings to help them make informed decisions about their buildings.
  • Meet with tenant associations to educate residents on how to run their buildings.
  • Attend board workshops with representatives of multiple buildings to focus on common issues they face, such as supervision of management companies, business policies, personnel issues, budgeting, and landlord/tenant issues.


  • Participating tenants must live in buildings slated to become tenant controlled or owned.

How to Enroll:

  • There is no open enrollment for this program, we work directly with the buildings and their existing tenants.


  • For more information, contact Jennifer Welles at 212-822-8300 ext. 360 or Evan Hess at ext. 313