Program: Tenant Organizing

Program Snapshot: NMIC organizers support tenant associations and tenant leaders as they build their independent capacity and accomplish their goals to improve their housing quality, affordability, and stability.

Services: Based on tenant association need and capacity, services can include

  • Training for tenants and tenant leaders.
  • Support from NMIC's Legal Services Department such as representation in administrative and legal proceedings to address repairs, rent overcharges, and other issues.
  • Connection to broader community organizing efforts.

Eligibility:  Tenants living in the following zip codes may be eligible

  • 10025 (above West 109th Street or between West 106th and 109th Streets east of Broadway)
  • 10026 - 10027
  • 10029 (above East 96th Street)
  • 10030 - 10037
  • 10039
  • 10040
  • 10452 - 10453

How to Enroll:

  • In Manhattan
    • Attend an introductory tenant organizing meeting on the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm at NMIC’s Main Office (45 Wadsworth Ave).
    • You can attend as a representative of an existing tenant association, as an individual tenant, or as a group of tenants interested in forming a tenant association.
    • RSVP is requested but not required.
  • In the Bronx
    • Contact Leydy Pimentel at 347-269-5186 x206 or


  • For more information about our services in Manhattan, contact us at 212-822-8300 and ask to speak with Evan, Diogenes or Ramona.
  • For more information about our services in the Bronx, contact Leydy Pimentel at 347-269-5186 x206 or