Program:  Worker Cooperative Development

Program SnapshotNMIC works with community members and partner organizations to recruit, develop, launch and provide ongoing support to worker-owned cooperative businesses.Our first initiative, Ecomundo Cleaning, launched in 2012 and provides green cleaning services to homes and businesses. Ecomundo is entirely owned by its members, of whom more than half are survivors of domestic violence, many of them referred by NMIC's Domestic Violence support group. Others were referred through other NMIC programs or organizations throughout the city.
Our second initiative, NannyBee, launched in October of 2017, and is the first worker-owned childcare cooperative in upper Manhattan.



  • Develops, trains and provides ongoing support to members of our worker-cooperative initiatives.
  • Provide technical assistance and support to help coop members hone their business skills to compete in the New York City market
  • Ensure coops remain a democratically controlled workplace offering living wages and opportunities to develop new skills and assets to their members.


  • Applicants must be interested in learning about business management and be committed to actively contributing to the structure of the new organization. 

How to Enroll:

  • Open Houses for new members are hosted annually.
  • Applicants are required to go through a competitive hiring process and then are trained and evaluated before being selected for membership in the cooperative.


  • For more information contact Jennifer Welles at 212-822-8300 Ext. 360