Tax Preparation

What We Do

Our Tax Preparation program provides our community with free assistance filing their returns while ensuring they maximize their credits and refunds.

In 2024, we offer fully in-person tax preparation services. Post-tax season (after 4/15/24), we are accepting walk-ins for a limited time. Be sure to bring your ID, SS card and tax documents to ensure that you will be able to complete, review, and submit your return during your in-person tax preparation session.

Who We Do it For

Anyone who in 2023 earned $59,000 or less without dependents or $85,000 or less with dependents. 

Contact Us
For a limited time, we are offering post tax season preparation services. Tax services are available for walk-ins Tuesday through Thursday from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive free assistance with filing your taxes.  

If you filed your taxes with NMIC and have a follow up question, please contact us at or (929) 415-8745 and a tax preparer will respond promptly. We will not be able to return emails/calls to anyone seeking new tax preparation services.
For additional information please contact us at or leave us a message at (929)415-8745.

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