Tenant Organizing

Tenant Organizing helps tenants become leaders. They then work with their neighbors to make their housing more affordable, higher quality, and more stable. We work with over 70 buildings and help train over 900 tenant leaders every year.

What We Do:
  • Train tenant leaders and support tenants. 
  • Assist tenant associations in court and in front of city and state agencies to get repairs, make sure rents are fair, and help with other housing legal issues.
  • We also connect tenant associations with our lawyers to represent them. 
  • Connect local tenants to city, state, and nation-wide tenants’ rights campaigns.
Who We Do it For:

Tenants living in these zip codes may be eligible: 

  • 10025-10040 (except 10028 and 10038)
  • 10452-10453 
How to Sign Up:

Email us at organizing@nmic.org or call us at 212-822-8300 x318. 

Contact Us:

For more information, contact us at the email or number above.


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Why is organizing communities so important?

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