Unemployment Insurance

NMIC provides residents experiencing job loss with assistance applying for Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UIB). During the COVID-19 pandemic we secured UIB for dozens of clients.

What We Do:
  • Advise clients on their eligibility and the amount of money to expect

  • Assist with the application process

  • Address denials or incorrect benefit levels

Who We Do it For:

Residents of the following zip codes:

  • 10031
  • 10032
  • 10033
  • 10034
  • 10040
  • 10452
  • 10453

We plan to expand this list, so please check back regularly if you live in Upper Manhattan or the Bronx but not in one of these initial priority zip codes. Email us at info@nmic.org with your need and zip code to help us decide where we should expand.

How to Sign Up:

Call our Benefits Hotline.

Contact Us:

To access services, call our Benefits Hotline or email Dale Reyes at Dalereyes@nmic.org.

For information about what services we offer, please call us at 212-822-8300 x333 weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.


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Curious about the process? Here are some answers to common FAQs. 

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