Program: Air Conditioning Program

Program Snapshot: If you have a health condition that is made worse by heat, we can install an air conditioner in your apartment.  


  • Home visit to identify an appropriate location to install one air conditioner and to correctly size the air conditioner for the room (we are only allowed to install one air conditioner based on program rules).
  • Selection and purchase of an appropriate air conditioner and necessary installation hardware.
  • Installation of the air conditioner. (Following installation, tenant will be responsible for maintaining the air conditioner)


  • Existing air conditioners- You cannot have a working air conditioner that is under 5 years old (a broken air conditioner or an older air conditioner is okay). 
  • Medical- You must have a documented medical condition that is made worse by the heat. 
  • Financial- If you currently receive HEAP, SNAP, or Temporary Cash Assistance you may be financially eligible. You may also be eligible if your gross income before any deductions falls below specific levels available here.
  • This is a simplified list of eligibility requirements and final decisions are made by the New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) with more detailed eligibility requirements available here.

How to Enroll: 

  • Enrollment will open in late spring 2018
  • The New York City Human Resources Administration (HRA) manages all applications and enrollment.
  • Applications must be submitted online at
  • If HRA finds you eligible and you select NMIC as your installer, HRA will get in touch with us to schedule fitting and installation services.


  • For eligibility/application questions, contact HRA directly at 212-835-7216
  • For questions about NMIC's services, contact us at 212-822-8340